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Stage en Australie avec Intrax
Stage aux Etats-Unis avec Intrax
Stage en Australie avec Intrax
Stage aux Etats-Unis avec Intrax

European Internships: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris

Gain exciting work experience in the field of your choice with an internship in Berlin, London, Madrid or Paris.
Employers hire candidates who can show something special in their CV, such as international work experience, mastering another language and the capability of adjusting to another culture. Are you flexible, open-minded and always looking for new challenges? An international internship is a great opportunity for developing new skills, enhancing your CV and networking!

European Internships: Program Details

  • Locations: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris
  • Large variety of fields of internships: marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, business administration, etc.
  • Program length: 2-6 months
  • Flexible start dates
  • Application Deadline: 12 weeks before the desired start date; at shorter notice on request
  • Internship placement: 4 to 8 weeks before program start date

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European Internships: Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a currently enrolled university student
  • Speak fluent English; Good French / Spanish: at least level 3 of 5
  • For certain specialist internships, prior knowledge is required, e.g. in the form of a previous internship, studies or training

European Internships: Program fee

  Host Company Interview Fee* Remaing Fee after Placement Total Program Fee
For students from an EU country and from Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein: 150 € 545 € 695 €
For all other students who need a visa/work authorization: $200 $1250 $1450

* This fee is due before your interview with an interested host company

Program includes:

  • Internship placement arranged by us: Interview and matching process
  • Advice and preparation and information material for the program
  • Assistance with application documents: Resume review
  • Completion certificate
  • Support before and during your program for matters related to your internship and general cultural information
  • Assistance with work authorization if needed


Additional options:

  • Housing
  • Airport pick-up

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European Internships: Internship offers and Testimonial

Jennifer, internship at Trinov, Paris:

"Working with Trinov was a great introduction into both French professional life and the field of environmental consulting. Despite my role as an intern I was entrusted with the responsibilities of a full-time staffer, and benefited enormously from the relaxed atmosphere of working in a small and friendly office. During my time I was charged with preparations for the launch of the English version of their software, a French web-based decision making program that helps companies to find the most financially efficient and environmentally responsible routes towards waste management. I translated their website, spoke with Anglophone professional contacts, and created new marketing materials suited to target clients. Additionally, I worked to compile environmental reports on individual English-speaking countries, researching both public attitudes and taxation policy for different international markets. Overall I could not have asked for more from my internship than the time I spent with Trinov."

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European Internships: Application form

Required documents: 

  • Photo Uploads
  • Upload Passport
    Copy of the first two pages which include your personal data. Please note that your passport needs to be valid for 6 months beyond the program end date.
  • Upload your Resume
    English c.v., American format starting with the most recent academic status/work experience
  • Upload University Letter / Transcript
    Please upload your certificate of enrollment
  • Upload convention de stage
    --> Only applies for students applying for an Internship position in France
    Please complete, sign and upload this document. The Convention de stage should be filled out and signed by your university as well
  • Upload Terms & Conditions
    Please sign and upload this contract.

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Step by Step


A telephone or Skype interview will allow us to find out more about your motivation and expectations. We will tell you more about the programme and you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have with us.

Confirmation of participation

You will receive a confirmation of participation and an invoice. The application fees (200€) of the programme fees are now also due.

Booking your flight

Now the programme start date is finalised, you can book your flight. Or you can wait with booking your flight until your internship placement has been secured.

Internship Placement

Taking into account your abilities, experience and interests, we will find a suitable internship for you. In most cases you will also have a phone interview with an interested company. This usually takes place about 3 to 6 weeks before the requested internship start date. If the company offers you an internship after the interview your internship placement is finalized.
If you do not wish to accept the offer and can justify this decision, or if the company does not offer you the internship after your interview, we will of course find you another internship.

Final payment

Four weeks before the start of the programme, the remainder of the programme costs is due.

Final information

Shortly before your departure you will receive your final information regarding entering France, Great Britain, Germany or Spain.

Now you will be completely prepared and your internship can begin!

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  • You would like to learn about our European Internship Program? Please download the Intrax e-brochure European Internships.
  • You can reach us directly at or via phone +33 9 70 46 52 32.

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